February 22nd, 2015, 8:53 am

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Reply ashtree-house, February 26th, 2015, 12:56 am

Noo the inner thigh gap DD:

Reply Anon (Guest), September 16th, 2015, 10:28 am

I read a study once that white boys when they watch television, despite apparently black people watching more television, anyway their self-esteem rose the white kids compared to black kids and girls who had their self-esteem lowered when they watch television. So stories can affect us mentally, I guess the people around us can too. There's nothing wrong with how the protagonist looks, she's great but I guess seeing skinny heroines and people in her life is understandably going to make her feel insecure. I like this so far. Good job. I haven't seen a lot of fat magical girls except though I said on the last page I saw Rose Quartz, her son Steven Universe who has her soul and Amethyst from Steven Universe are fat magical girls except Steven's a boy obviously but there's not a crap load of body diversity in magical girl shows. I don't see a lot of tall really, really body builder buff girls except if you count Korra from the Legend of Korra maybe if she counts as a magical girl because the Western show is influenced by anime and Jasper a villain lady from Steven Universe or non-binary lady anyway. I am liking it so far, thanks for writing this. Maybe I shouldn't comment on every page ha, ha.

So I am guessing the main character is an Japanese girl is she? I think in the first page the word chan was used- Sorry if I am incorrect and I don't mean to be racist or anything but I think stereotypically Asian girls are skinny- Obviously they are not all skinny as there is body diversity amoungst Asian women- I watched this ted talk once called the danger of a single story where a woman from Africa talks about how when we have a single story of say- For example she has a single story of her hired help of not making pottery, and some single stories of Mexicans when she studied in America. So there should be more stories told of muscular Asian girls, tall Asian girls, ones with no legs, really fat and what not. Because it's a large contient and they come in a large diversity, body, national diversity and stuff. Anyway good so far, sorry for rambling, I haven't seen a lot of big Asian girls depicted oh wait in Silver Spoon one of the main characters friends frequently went from big in width to skinny. I also once saw a big Asian woman model. Anyway it's good that she's big, the main character in this comic, body diversity is always good

Reply Helsic, December 20th, 2017, 8:38 pm

@Anon: Sorry, I know I'm super late with this reply! But, I live in China, so that's why I include the stereotype of having "fair" skin, women her are obsessed with having white skin and it's not due to racism, but because of history and cultural traditions. And yes, most of Chinese/Japanese girls are super slim, BUT, there is plenty of chubby girls that often get bullied for that. I have some chubby Chinese friends and they all told me about this.

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