February 22nd, 2015, 9:01 am

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Reply Anon (Guest), September 16th, 2015, 10:36 am

She is definitely fine the way she is but even other girls can be misogynistic and not very open to body diversity other than skinny and slim. I think in societies around the world, or I mean in Canada and America, it seems like people want women to take up as little space as possible and they hate ladies for being big. I think because women face misogyny and fat hate at a intersection they have it even worse than fat boys. She's endearing and optimistic this girl. I think Usagi should from been fat from Sailor Moon. I hope she makes a friend. Is she going to be hit by a fairy mascot in the head or something? Ha, ha plays video games and stuff like a magical girl usually does- or I mean not all of them do but Usagi from Sailor Moon seemed to start a trend of magical girl prtagonists who are kind hearted but a bit lazy and late frequently ha, ha. Not that this girl seemed late to school or anything like that. Though she plays video games, I guess she is pretty smart instead of dumb, not that Usagi is dumb, she gets a little smarter in the manga from what I heard. But yeah girls can be misogynistic towards each other. Maybe those skinny girls gave her the cold shoulder because they have anxiety about getting fat and becoming like her and getting bullied or perhaps one of the girls was already bullied if one of them was fat before. Weight loss can be hard, there's nothing wrong with her.

I like this so far thanks for writing or sorry drawing and writing this? Is the character-? I am guessing is she Japanese, but then she said she knew a Chinese word. Of course maybe she knows two languages. I want to go to an all girls school that would be great. I cannot wait till she makes a chubby girl magical girl transformation. That will be cool. Will other people on her team, other girls be muscular, maybe have scars, be really tall and one of the other girls could be even fatter than she is? I wonder if one of the stereotypical mean girls that gave her the cold shoulder have stretch marks and one of them used to be fat and they aren't as perfect as they seem. Anyway I will continue this is great. I can understand why she hates her body type when skinny is seen as the ideal, skinny and frail so women can be damsels in distress.

Reply Helsic, December 20th, 2017, 8:42 pm

@Anon: Yeah, she is Japanese, but she is kind of like a nerd, so hence why she came up with the random fact about Chinese language haha.

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