April 26th, 2015, 7:43 am

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Reply Anon (Guest), September 16th, 2015, 11:01 am

Oh yay! It takes encourage or it's couragoues for Akio is that her name? To let down the illusions of her skinny body type and brave the world as she is and endure the obtuseness of the demon and things like that. I am so proud of Akio, cool a chubby magical girl warrior. Sorry at first I was afraid she wasn't going to be fat while she was in her super magical girl form but she is! I like this, she was just feeling understandably afraid and insecure and maybe unconsiously she did a magical spell that made the illusion of skinniness. It's pretty impressive that she can unconsiously do a spell to hide her fatness right after transforming, that's pretty cool like without even saying- kind of like a wordless spell- In the Harry Potter or in a Harry Potter wiki there's wandless and non verbal magic, that I reminded and it's really hard. So maybe she's more powerful than she thinks she is and more worthy than she knows without even knowing it. This is a great comic so far thanks for creating this comic I like this. This makes me feel good seeing other fat or body diverse lady superheroes and she's getting character development, it's probably slow and she probably still hates her fat self and is slowly going to grow to accept it. But this is just her first fight and it's understandable that she's inexperienced right now and hates her body. She was abused by other peers and she's isolated in her all girls school no wonder why she feels insecure and anxious. It's normal, she will heal and overcome because she's awesome. And she'll get lots of character development, friendships and maybe those mean girls will learn that maybe they misjudged her and they judgingly like her or amusingly maybe they will like her superhero form even while she's far more so than her cilivian self.

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